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Critical Review of Construction Accident Causation Theories and Models: The Need for Improved Models

Williams, O.S., Hamid, R.A., & Misnan, M.S.

Pages:23-39   Published Online:  2019

Pages:17-22   Published Online:  2019

Achieving Reliable Outcomes by Adopting Proper Quality Samples

Steinriede, A. M. 

Pages:12-16   Published Online:  2019

Reversible Computing: An Introduction

Federica Eftimiadi, and Enrico Pugni Trimigliozzi

Pages:1-4   Published Online:  2019

A new approach for predicting crop yield prediction using data mining techniques

Surya A. Venkaiah, & Kondajji Swati Sunitha

Pages: 42-48   Published Online:  2019